How to Build High-Quality Backlinks When You Have a Brand New Site (The Complete Guide)

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if you want to get lots of organic traffic to your website, you must rank high on google and the best way of doing this is by building backlinks.

But how do you get authority sites to link to your posts if your site is brand new and has no following? Well, in this post you’ll learn why backlinks matter, why authority websites link to other posts, and how to get these authority websites to link to your posts.

Let’s dive in!

What are Backlinks and Why Should I Care?

Backlinks, also known as inbound links or incoming links, are links from one website to another. Think of these backlinks as votes. The more votes your page or blog has, the more credibility you have in the eyes of Google and the higher you’ll rank.

Now that you know why you should be actively building backlinks for your website, you might be thinking, “why would an authority site want to link to my unknown site that has no following?”

Why Do Site Owners Link to Other Sites?

The only reason a high-authority website will link to you is that it benefits them. If your blog post has these 3 things covered, you can bet high-authority sites will link out to you because your post will be…

  1. Relevant to what they’re saying
  2. In-depth, free from any fluff, and easy to understand
  3. And it has a unique angle.

Your Post Must Be Relevant

90% of the time, someone will link to you because you’re supporting what they’re saying. For example, recently I wrote a blog post comparing the carnivore diet to the paleo diet and in it, I spoke about inflammation and how it’s the root of all chronic disease. If I didn’t link to any site that backed up my claim, readers would take my statement with a grain of salt.

And that’s why high-authority sites need websites like yours. No matter how big their website is, they must back up everything if they want to remain an authority site. So, you come along and write a relevant, easy to understand post that backs up their argument.

Your chances of getting a backlink from an authority site just increased.

Your Post Must Be Detailed and Easy To Understand

Being relevant isn’t everything.

Your post must be detailed and easy to understand. Hold the reader’s hand and walk them through everything they’ll need to know because if you don’t, they’ll remember you as the site who never delivers on what the headline promise. This can lead to less credibility and a lower rank on Google.

Research is key here. If you don’t know much about the niche you’re writing in, do thorough research, and come back to the post or choose a different niche.

An authority website will never link back to an 800-word post that’s full of fluff and contains little information because it hurts their credibility.

And that’s why I prefer writing long-form blog posts. It forces you to do more research or even interview experts in the field. Naturally, your post will go into more detail and will be more useful to your readers. Another benefit is that long-form content ranks high on Google and gets more links. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

The longer your content, the better.

Your Blog Should Be Somewhat Unique

Your blog doesn’t have to be completely unique, but it must stand out from other blogs in your niche. Why would an authority site link to you if there’s a more unique and detailed post written by another website?

I use the Skyscraper Technique popularized by Brian Dean. It’s great at making your post stand out. Firstly, find blogs in your niche that are getting a ton of backlinks. You can do this by going to Ahrefs, type in the name of a popular blog in your niche, and look for posts with the most backlinks.

Next, make something better. There are several ways to do this. If you find a post titled “Top 5 Exercises to Do at Home to Build Muscle Fast”, then write a post titled, “Top 20 Exercises to Do at Home to Build Muscle Fast”. Authority sites will rather link to you because your post is more detailed.

Another way of writing a better post is by updating it. If you find a post titled, “How to Market Your Online Health Store in 2018” and it has some old information, write a post titled, “How to Market Your Online Health Store in 2021”. Your post is more linkable if it’s up to date.

We now know why sites link back to other sites and how to write a post that people would love to link back to. Now it’s time to pitch your blog post to authority sites.

Convince The Site Owner That Backlinking Will Benefit Them

The most challenging part of getting a link is convincing the site owner that it’ll benefit them. And that’s why I like writing short emails packed with benefits. Why short emails? The average person receives 88 emails per day! Do you think a site owner has time to read a 6 paragraph email on why they should link to your site?

Your email should be as short as possible without leaving out important information.

Straight to the point, short emails with links to important information work best because you catch the site owner’s attention immediately and he never wonders why he’s even reading your email.

A template that worked well for me is this one created by Brian Dean.

It’s short, straightforward, and doesn’t leave out any important information.


Building backlinks isn’t hard. It takes a little perseverance, yes, but it will pay off big time when customers are begging you to take their money. Now I’d like to hear from you, what strategies have you used to rank higher on Google? Let me know in the comments below.

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